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Few words about WLS

WLS is a full-service, independent telematics
and data processing consultancy and software house with offices
in the UK and Ukraine.

With a full-stack in-house software development team, WLS is whatever you want it to be. If I want to use WLS to perform basic vehicle tracking, it can do it reliably and cost effectively; if you want to use WLS to implement business critical management reporting on fleet performance and utilisation, it can deliver customised and business specific management reporting, if you want WLS to provide in-field tools to inform or protect a mobile workforce, it can provide, customise and build native iOS and Android Apps. to deliver a streamlined cloud based efficient workflow.

WLS offers

CAN bus Telematics
4G Camera Telematics
GPS Vehicle Tracking
Driver Behaviour & Speeding
Geo-fence Alerts
Remote Immobilisation
Lone Worker App.
Vehicle Defect Checks App.
Remote Tachograph Download
Live Tachograph Reporting
30+ Integrated Devices
40+ Reports
Mobile Apps.
Lone worker
Journey Report
Vehicle Checks
Geo-fence Alert*
Out of Hours Alert*
Two way messaging*
For your convenience, you can use
mobile applications for the most
popular reports.
* available soon
Take a closer look at WLS
WLS was founded as a response to major changes in the telematics industry:
1 the credit-crunch meant more customers were failing finance checks and dealers needed a 'pay as you go' vehicle tracking product to replace the common and risky method of financing not only hardware but also the installation, data, and support costs for several years' service 'up front'; and 2 dealers, operating the traditional dealer model in which they were paid a commission on sales, discovered their customers were being contacted directly, resulting in reduced dealer WLS offered a middle ground between being a dealer/reseller, and building a vehicle tracking system from scratch.

Within six months of start-up, three of the four top dealers for a global tracking company became WLS customers and went to market with their own brand, charging monthly, and fully responsible for sales, customer service, and billing. Those early WLS customers have grown to create sustainable, profitable businesses with ongoing revenues. WLS faced early condemnation from established telematics companies, upset that the sales model might be shifting; since then many WLS customers have successfully sold contracts to local authorities, large public bodies, multi-national organisations, car manufacturers, and many more besides. Some WLS customers were credible in their own right from the outset and many others have grown to be respected providers of telematics.
Our advantages
Every day we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
WLS leads in the delivery of quality
and value to our clients.
All of our teammates have many years' experience in this space.
You look after your client, knowing we've always got your back, available to support with technical pre-sales, device integration, development, and
post-implementation support.
Individual approach
Nobody is the same, and diversity of thought, focus and drive keeps things interesting.

Case studies

WLS has some very exciting examples, you can just familiarize yourself with them or use them as inspiration for new projects.
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